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Experts in medication training

All courses are accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

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Medication Training for Carers & Nurses

Opus provides medication training for carers and medication training for nurses. Learn how to administer medicines safely to meet Care Quality Commission standards and Ofsted requirements (children). Our medication training caters for every learning preference -

  • online training
  • face to face sessions
  • Elearning
  • distance learning

We are experts in medication training for care workers and specialise in providing quality training to the care sector, including

Local authorities, social services, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), care homes, domiciliary (homecare, reablement, crisis teams), healthcare assistants, intermediate careextra care housing and supported living, personal assistants (direct payments), foster carers and shared lives carers, children's services, schools, nursing, learning disabilities and complex needs.

All our courses are updated in line with the CQC Fundamental Standards and Skills for Care knowledge sets. They can be mapped to outcome 13.5 of the Care Certificate Standards and QCF units ASM 34 and HSC 3047. Our face to face courses are delivered by qualified, locally-based pharmacists.

Opus training helps your staff administer medication safely, minimise medication errors and increases awareness and understanding of medicines.

Once trained, your staff will be able to work with confidence within the law and understand their responsibilities.

To find out how your staff can achieve the skills and competence necessary in medication handling, please contact one of our friendly team

Latest News

Opus Pharmacy Services is accredited as a Royal Pharmaceutical Society training provider

Opus Pharmacy Services, provider of medicines handling training has been recognised by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) for its innovative approach to training. All Opus courses and services, which include face to face, e-learning and distance learning options as well as audits and policies, now carry RPS Accreditation.

NEW - Buccal Midazolam Distance Learning Workbook

A short self-study distance learning workbook covering what epilepsy and seizures are, what the symptoms are, how epilepsy is treated, when buccal midazolam should be used and how to administer, store, record and dispose of buccal midazolam. Contains activities and exercises.

It is designed for staff who need to be able to administer buccal midazolam and is particularly useful if you only have a few people to train and are unable to get a sufficient group size together for in-house training.

It can also be used when assessing competence of staff who administer buccal midazolam.

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NEW - Schools Advanced Distance Learning Workbook and Resource Pack

An advanced self-study distance learning course and resource pack for school nurses or senior school staff who are responsible for supporting pupils with their medicines and who manage medicines in school or college. Includes a comprehensive paper-based Competency Assessment tool and a detailed Audit Tool.

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NEW - Warfarin Distance Learning Workbook

A short self-study interactive distance learning workbook covering what warfarin is and why it is prescribed, why and how warfarin treatment is monitored, how to administer and record it, what precautions are needed for people taking warfarin and how changes in warfarin dose are communicated and recorded. Contains activities and exercises.

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Schools – “Supporting Pupils”

  • NEW Updated Schools Medicines Awareness Course in line with the “Supporting Pupils” guidance - click here to see the guidance
  • Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions including:
    • Diabetes (bite size e-learning) ONLY £15
    • Asthma (bite size e-learning) ONLY £15
    • Allergy and anaphylaxis
    • Epilepsy
  • Guidance on the Use of Emergency Salbutamol Inhalers in Schools – click here to see the guidance

Call the experts today to get your training and procedures up to date.

Schools - Managing Medicines Packs

The Opus Managing Medicines Packs for Day Schools and Boarding Schools include all the forms required for schools to meet Ofsted guidelines on medicines handling. The forms within these comprehensive packs provide a complete recording system for schools.

All forms can be customised to meet your school’s requirements.

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Updated courses in line with fundamental standards

  • All Opus courses have been updated to reflect the new standards and in particular Regulation 12: Safe care and treatment.
  • Our new Assessors Workshop for Medication Handling and Managing Incidents is now available.
  • Our Domiciliary distance learning, e-learning and face to face courses now include Reablement.
  • In line with the Care Act, we have e-learning courses available for Personal Assistants and for people receiving direct payments.

Medicines Awareness Training for Schools and Colleges Click here to enter Schools site

Comprehensive A-Z medicines foundation and refresher training courses, that cover everything you need to know about administering medicines within your school or college.

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Medical Conditions Awareness Training for Schools and Colleges Click here to enter Schools site

Diabetes, Asthma, Allergy and anaphylaxis and Epilepsy Awareness training courses available.

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New Workbook

Advanced Distance Learning and Resource Pack - Competency Assessment, Auditing and Managing Medication Incidents

Click here to view some sample pages.

This workbook has been updated and is available to BUY NOW.

Download Area

Visit our download area to download useful forms and paperwork to help you manage medicines in your care setting.

Competency Assessments

Test your staff's skills and knowledge in medication administration. Click on the picture above to see a sample video from our online competency assessment.

e-Learning FAQs

Click here to answer your questions about our elearning or call 0333 939 0053.

For technical support call 0333 577 5017.

Courses Accredited By

All our courses are in line with the Fundamental Standards and NICE guidance and can be mapped to the Care Certificate.
Our children’s courses are in line with Ofsted guidance

Can’t find the training or course option you want? Just email us at info@opuspharmserve.com or call us on 0333 939 0053 to discuss what you’re looking for. We regularly add to our course portfolio and adapt existing training to specific end user requirements.